Rural and Agribusiness Marketing

We know your market

Windmill Events have a long history in the agricultural scene; so we understand your rural customers. Market research offers insight, but no amount of research can replace a lifetime of living and breathing country life. With a strong background in writing, media, events and marketing, we have the skillset to connect your business with its unique audience.

We develop end-to-end marketing plans for start-ups, and businesses looking to increase their market share, re-brand, or launch new products and services.

Marketing Strat Pic

Marketing Strategies

We develop marketing plans for agribusiness, rural business, local government and community organisations. Our plans include digital and traditional marketing strategies, that are delivered on time and on budget. Whether you need an end-to-end plan, or assistance with just one aspect of your marketing, we are happy to help. Windmill can assist with:

Conducting market research

Profiling your target audience

Determining your unique selling point

Building your brand

Developing an effective strategy within your budget

Implementing the marketing plan

Reviewing & Adjusting

Photo: Kate Drennan Photography
Photo: Kate Drennan Photography

Live Events Marketing

Did you know exhibiting at live events is one of the most effective marketing mediums? Studies have shown it offers the greatest return on investment, placing it ahead of advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sales, promotions and internet advertising. It achieves this by increasing the time consumers interact with your product, service and brand. And this is particularly important to rural customers. We can assist with:

Event applications

Site design & location

Equipment hire

Pre-event marketing

Set-up & pack-down

Other Marketing Services

We know where our talents lie, and where they don’t. While we’d like to think we have endless ability when it comes to all creative pursuits, it’s best we face the facts there are areas where we lack experience. So in order to offer our clients the complete package, and ensure we can deliver the best results, we have partnered with some of the most talented individuals and businesses in the industry. Our partners offer:

Graphic design

Website design

Photography & videography

SEO research

Printing & Promotional Materials