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If you have an idea for a unique event in your community, contact us to see if we can help

From time to time, we organise our own events including expos, conferences, workshops and social gatherings. It is our aim to deliver a wide range of quality events throughout the Wheatbelt, promote our communities and assist in developing our region. We can use our events to do just that! By running events in rural towns, we bring them to life. Which is not only a benefit to the people currently living within the community, but a great opportunity to promote the benefits of country living to a wider audience.


Farm Tours

Discover the real Australia through one of Windmill Events & Promotions’ remarkable Farm Tours.

Let us show you around a working farm and provide a unique insight to country life.

  • Ride in some of the largest machinery in the world
  • Round up livestock
  • Participate in a range of common farming activities such as fencing, shearing and harvesting
  • Take in the natural beauty our part of the world has to offer, including wild flowers, rock formations, waterways, wetlands and our incredible sunsets and nights sky
  • Enjoy gourmet meals made from local produce
  • Stay in high-class accommodation
  • Get social with the locals

Whether you’re planning to stay a couple of hours, for the day or an entire weekend, let us accommodate you!

Taking bookings soon! Contact us to express your interest. 

Events Expo

Exhibiting at live events is one of the most effective marketing mediums. It allows your business more time to connect with your clients face to face. But how do you get the most bang for your buck?

Get advice from industry professionals on all aspects of Event Marketing, with topics including:

  • Site presentation
  • Staff management
  • The application process
  • Pre-event marketing
  • Location, location, location
  • The “Hook” – drawing people to your site

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and locations! Or contact us to express your interest. 

Healing with Horses- Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat Brochure

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” – Winston Churchill
Life can be overwhelming. It is time to take a deep breath. Relax. Take care of yourself. Enjoy!
Whether the stress of life is beginning to overwhelm you, you have suffered a personal tragedy or your equine friend is the cause of all your anxiety, the Healing with Horses Wellness Retreat is for you!
Take a leisurely 2 hour drive to the country, where a equine paradise awaits! The beautiful facility includes a 60x20m dressage arena, round yard and open paddocks ideal for a good gallop!
Feeling nervous? Trainer Karen White, who specialises in healing with horses and helping nervous riders overcome their fears, will be with you every step of the way!
The program includes three group lessons:
Training on the trial
Problem solving
Team building games
Suitable for all confidence levels and experience, let us take you on a unique ride through the Wheatbelt and help you overcome you fears and anxieties.
Pilates at sunrise, hearty meals for a healthy gut and massage can be included in your package… helping to heal body and mind.
Camp under the stars with your equine friend, on stay in comfort at the Dowerin Short Stay Accommodation… just 15 minutes drive from Hindmarsh Heights.