Stories that sell

It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. For just one hour a day, over the next 27 years, you could perfect your writing talent. Assuming you have talent in the first place. But if you don’t have a spare 10,000 hours because you’re too busy running a business, or find yourself lost for words, give us a call. We can lend you ours!

With 20 years’ professional writing experience, we write anything from website content and blogs to copy for sales and marketing materials. We use creative and persuasive techniques to tell stories that sell.

Digital Copywriting

Digital marketing has opened a whole new world. There are more ways to connect to your customers than ever before. And many of them are free! If you don’t value your time. But if you have better things to do all day than write blogs, update social media and write content for emails, leave it to us. We write unique and persuasive content and copy for:

Websites & Blogs

Emails & E-Newsletters

Social Media Posts & Ads

e-Books & brochures

Traditional Copywriting

Traditional marketing may not be as new and hip as digital, but it still plays an integral part inĀ  marketingĀ  strategies for most businesses. Sure, it isn’t as easy to measure as digital, but that does not mean it is not working. And we will help ensure it does, through compelling copy that speaks to your audience. We write content and copy for:

Sales & Marketing Materials


TV, Radio & Telemarketing Scripts

Media Releases & News Articles

Other Copywriting

Words are powerful. They can do far more than just persuade customers to buy products or services. The right words can help your business to build valuable partnerships with customers, businesses and government agencies. With proven results in writing proposals, we also offer the following services:

Business Proposals

Funding Applications & Acquittals

Sponsorship Prospectus'