Rural Business Marketing Services



Do you need a marketing plan for agribusiness; specifically targeting the rural or Australian Agribusiness sector? Are you looking a specialist rural or regional marketing agency?

There are many Western Australian marketing agencies, but few offer rural business support or specialise in targeting the WA agricultural or rural sectors.

Windmill Events & Promotions have a long history in the agricultural scene; so, we understand your rural customers and know how the speak their language. Market research offers insight, but no amount of research can replace a lifetime of living and breathing rural WA.

We develop, implement and manage end-to-end marketing plans for agribusiness and small business owners based in rural communities. Our key services include content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and content creation. Due to the nature of rural audiences, we also have a strong belief in the power of Integrated Marketing, which combines traditional and digital marketing methods.  But above all, we believe in creating a marketing strategy that will work for your rural business.

With an extensive background in agriculture, rural media, events and marketing, we have the unique skillset to connect your business with its target audience.


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Create synergy across your traditional and marketing channels, with an integrated marketing plan by Windmill Events & Promotions. Our rural and agribusiness marketing plans combine traditional marketing methods with digital marketing strategies to ensure they work together in delivering the best value for your business. Starting from $2400, we can assist with planning, implement and managing your Tradigital marketing.

What does it cost?

Integrated marketing plans start from $2400 but can cost up to $20,000, depending on the scope of the plan.

Content Marketing


Content Marketing is all about delivering relevant, timely and valuable information to your target audience. Gone are the days where you can slip an ad in the local paper and expect an influx of calls. Customers are demanding value and Windmill Events & Promotions can help your rural or agribusiness deliver.

Starting from $1800, we can assist with planning, creating and managing your content marketing strategy.

What does it cost?

Content Marketing Strategies range from $1800 to around $10,000, depending on the scope of the strategy.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is an effective and affordable marketing solution for a vast range of businesses in the rural and agribusiness sectors. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach a targeted audience by burying your head in the sand. Windmill Events & Promotions can assist with planning, implementing and managing your social media, with set-up from as little as $200, and strategies from $2000.

What does it cost?

Social Media Strategies range from $2000 to $5000, with set-ups of social pages ranging from $200 to $1000.


Email Marketing is not dead (despite what you may be led to believe). But there is a lot of competition in the inbox these days. In a noisy world, Windmill Events & Promotions can make sure your voice is heard. Starting from $750, we can create a series of compelling email content, to help drive more leads and ultimately sales for your rural business.

What does it cost?

Email marketing varies depending on the services, which include setting up platforms, templates and content creation. A three email series starts from around $750.

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